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If your business has a physical location or serves customers within a geographic area then you need our Local SEO service.

The Local SEO Framework

Get your business found in more local searches. Our proven formula for local SEO has ranked businesses #1 in Google like clockwork.

Website Auditing

Our comprehensive website audits are just the beginning of our Local SEO blueprint. We conduct a thorough technical SEO audit as well as scrutinize everything from site structure, content, backlink portfolio, internal links, local business listings (citations), local signals (schema markup), and most of all competition. The process allows us to strengthen your website by closing any Local SEO gaps to give your business better online search visibility.

Custom Local SEO Strategy

Every business is unique, so every business should uniquely approach Local SEO. Besides SEO fundamentals, our approach to your Local SEO strategy is primarily driven by the site audit findings. Together with keyword research, we design your content plan to get max search visibility so that your business shows first when people search for the products or services your business offers. The Local SEO strategy is everchanging and reevaluated to adjust for changes to Google’s local search algorithm and the needs of the business.

Ongoing Optimizing

Many well-known Local SEO agencies will just “set it and forget it” when it comes to your website’s performance. We’re constantly optimizing content performance to maximize search traffic and conversions. The goal is to get your business more calls and convert those leads to sales. It doesn’t make sense to do the work once and expect it to perform consistently over time. Google’s local search algorithm changes, so adjustments are necessary.

Hyperlocal Content

When it comes to local search, content with localized relevancy outperforms generic content without exception. If you’re trying to rank your business using generic content, you’re likely to lose to competition in the local pack. Ranking well in local search results is near impossible without location-specific content. Targeted content for the location that your business serves is necessary. We have considerable experience in content creation with a focus on local relevance for both service area and search intent.

Google Business Profile

Google has given local businesses the most advantageous opportunity to acquire new customers through a Google Business Profile. If your business does not have a listing on Google, or your GBP is not fully optimized, then your business is at a loss. The lead opportunity from GBP is so staggeringly massive it’s without exception the #1 way for businesses to acquire new customers. Don’t skimp on thinking you’ve got this covered because it’s free. Only with proper optimization will you stand out from competitors.

Online Reputation

Did you know reviews play a crucial part in the Google local algorithm? More importantly, are you aware that in 2021 around 77% of consumers said they “always” or “regularly” read online reviews while researching local businesses? That’s a massive 60% increase from 2020. Around 89% of consumers say they are highly, or at least fairly likely, to use local businesses that respond to all reviews. We take charge and ensure your reviews show positive sentiment.

Why Google?

Why do SEO companies always talk about ranking on Google without mention of other known search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, etc.?

The answer is that Google dominates search engine market share by nearly 90% in the United States.

Source: Statcounter

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • DuckDuckGo


Beat The Competition & Get More Leads

Why “Near Me” Intent is a “Near You” Opportunity

Google’s local search algorithm has grown tremendously over the years and is extremely sophisticated. This search giant has perfected the search engine results page (SERP) by understanding a user’s search intent and providing results that are relevant and customized to each individual.

Every min of the day people search on Google for products and services your business offers. With one-third of all mobile searches related to location, Local SEO should be every business owner’s top priority.

There is a trend of people no longer using search qualifiers like “near me” or “nearby” because Google’s local search algorithm now takes into account the proximity of the searcher with the intent to show location-based results.

Make no mistake people still search with modifiers like these as well as zip codes and neighborhoods; however, people have gotten accustomed to search results being automatically tailored for their location. If you’re not already focused on local SEO for your business then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Local SEO Statistics For The Savvy Business Owner

Proof of why Local SEO needs to be a priority in your marketing plan.

How frequently are consumers searching online for local businesses?

Here’s a staggering statistic. Around 99% of consumers search online to find information about local businesses, and 78% search online for local businesses at least once a week. That’s up a whopping 69% from 2020.

How often do consumers connect with local businesses found on search?

Upwards of 88% of consumers either called or visited a local business within 24 hours of searching on their mobile device.

Why is proximity important in local SEO?

Around 72% of consumers visited a local business within five miles after performing a local search.

Do you know the most used site consumers evaluate businesses on?

According to research conducted through BrightLocal, Google tops the list at number one with 81% of consumers searching Google to evaluate local businesses. This is up from 63% in 2020.

While other review platforms like Yelp and Facebook play a big role in consumer research for local businesses it’s safe to say Google is a clear winner. Consumers are using Google’s local results to evaluate businesses.

How is mobile search connecting consumers to local businesses?

Mobile searches for “near me” grew a staggering 136% YOY and mobile devices account for 84% of all “near me” searches performed.

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