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We increase your local business visibility on Google so new customers can easily find the services you provide. Let Simi Valley SEO Agency help your business thrive by getting more leads calling your business.

How Does Your Website Compare to Competition?

Get Found In Local Search

We specialize in Local SEO for select industries. Here are a few things we focus on to dominate your competition.

Website Audit

First and foremost, we perform an in-depth site audit to create a customized plan.

Custom Local SEO Strategy

With key insights from the site audit comes a customized strategy to increase visibility.

Continued Optimization

Many well-known SEO agencies just set it and forget it. Not us! We’re always adjusting.

Local Content Creation

We create hyperlocal content that produces results and shows up in local search.

Local Link Building

We acquire powerful links with local relevancy to absolutely crush the competition.

Reputation Management

Reviews are key for local search so we monitor and manage customer reviews for all review sites.

GBP Optimization

Optimizing Google Business Profile is essential to Local SEO. We’ve perfected this.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Our work is based on years of experience and data. We focus on the stuff that counts and gets you the best SEO ROI as quickly as possible.

Simi Valley SEO Agency Rated Best Search Engine Optimization Company

Our whitehat SEO strategy works for the long term. No shady SEO tactics like many well-known SEO companies provide. We’re 100% legit.

Answers to Your Questions

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is optimizing your website and Google Business Profile for search queries with local intent.

In simple terms, local SEO gets potential customers in your area to call or visit your business or website.

How does local SEO help my business?

Having your business listed on Google so your business shows up in local searches for the services you offer is hands down the best way to attract new customers.

If you want to scale your business and increase sales then you must show up in the top three listings of Google’s local pack (Google Maps) and organic (unpaid) search results.

How much does SEO cost?

We focus on getting your business the quickest ROI possible.

Depending on the industry, often a single sale can pay for your monthly SEO expense.

Everything after is pure profit and FREE, unlike Pay-Per-Click campaigns where if you stop paying for advertising you don’t get any more leads.

SEO is the absolute best marketing investment you can make and no other marketing channel will bring an ROI like search engine optimization.

How long does it take to get results?

What this question really means is “How long will it be before I see a return on my investment?”

First, let’s ask a question. Would you give a $100 in exchange for $1,000? How about $1,000 for $10,000?

This is a “No Brainer” of course you would.

What if it took a year to add an additional $250,000 to your business’s bottom line? Do you think SEO would be worth the time then?

The time it takes to see results with SEO varies and depends on factors such as the competitiveness of your industry, service area, and marketing budget.

Often results come quickly, and sometimes it takes a little more time. You can bet it works though and we use data to drive our SEO strategy. No guessing!

Let’s focus on what matters, profitability!

How is Simi Valley SEO Agency different?

What makes Simi Valley SEO Agency different from other SEO companies you ask?

The answer is simple… We’re 100% Transparent

In the beginning, we aren’t much different. It’s when you get to months three, six, and beyond where we are MUCH different.

There are many well-known SEO companies, we won’t mention any names here, that only provide initial website optimizations and basic link building. This results in initial gains and SERP movement over the first few months then they stop optimizing and rankings go stagnant and lose momentum.

These unmentioned digital marketing agencies can do this because they are profitable after three months and they can afford to lose your business.

They stop working hard for you, yet still collect month after month until you cancel thinking SEO doesn’t work like you were promised and showed little results or return.

Do you have a guarantee?

We are a performance-based SEO company in Simi Valley, CA and our success is dependent on the success of our clients.

You can bet we deliver results and don’t be surprised if we 10X your sales.

We promise the return will be far greater than the cost of our SEO services.

If an SEO company is offering a guarantee it’s because they want to replace your fear of loss with trust to make a deal.

Giving money back for failure to deliver is not a good business model and certainly not what you the business owner wanted for doing business in the first place.

At Simi Valley SEO Agency, we understand and we aren’t afraid to build trust first before asking for the opportunity to work with you. That is why we offer free detailed SEO audits and SEO consultations.

We want to work with businesses that are all in and obsessed with growth opportunities.

What we do works with lasting results and we always deliver real value. Period.

We’re serious about getting results and we do the heavy lifting to ensure your business thrives.

Fact, all business has risks. If we can’t trust one another from the beginning to get the job done then we probably aren’t a good fit to work together.

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